Backyard Pool Series ( 5" x 7", 8" x 10", 11" x 14", Palette Knife Oil on Canvas.)


Spring 2013, focusing on the artist’s own backyard pool, in central Palm Springs, as inspiration,  Reginald Van Pelt captures and records the beautiful quality of the desert light, attempting to replicate the clarity of the subject matter. Conveying; the crispness, brightness, Technicolor type of imagery available due to the lack of moisture distortion experienced elsewhere. Van Pelt’s works convey a peaceful solitude acknowledging the expansiveness of the environmental connection.  Done on 16 small scale canvases, Van Pelt uses large & small palette knives to apply heavy layers of paint to record the subtle changes in light and shifts in brilliancy of color.   “I wish to put the viewer in direct contact with my motivation for recording an experience”.

To purchase available artwork from Backyard Pool Series I, or Backyard Pool Series II, you can see a display of a limited number of both series available currently at;
     Savage Home in The Shops at 1345 North Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, Ca.
If you are interested in other works, or have any additional questions or, are interested in a commissioned piece please use the contact page to communicate with the artist.

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